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No. 21-0541
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A mandamus petition was filed on June 25, 2021. The Court requested full merits briefing on September 3, 2021.

No Opinions Yet

The Court has not issued any opinions in this case.


Court of Appeals

Appellate District:10th Court of Appeals
Outcome Below:Cond Granted
COA Docket No.:10-20-00237-CV
Opinion Author:Honorable Tom W. Gray

Trial Court

Trial Court:County Court at Law
Trial Judge:Honorable Tracy Sorensen
Trial Docket:12831CV

Entries on SCOTX Orders Lists

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Date Event  
2021-11-09 Pet/Rel reply brief on the merits due
2021-10-25 Respondent/Real party in interest brief on the merit due
2021-10-04 Relator brief on the merits due

Docket Entries

Date Event Outcome  
2021-09-03 Brief on the Merits Requested  
2021-08-20 Amicus Curiae Brief received  
2021-07-13 Case forwarded to Court
2021-07-13 Reply to Petition for Writ of Mandamus (Relator)  
2021-07-12 Response to Petition (Real Parties in Interest)  
2021-07-12 Amicus Curiae Brief received  
2021-07-08 Amicus Curiae Letter Received  
2021-07-02 Motion to Stay Disposed   Filing granted
2021-07-02 Stay Order issued
2021-07-02 Supreme Court of Texas Requested Response  
2021-07-01 Letter Filed  
2021-06-28 Response to Motion filed  
2021-06-25 Letter Filed  
2021-06-25 Motion to Stay Filed  
2021-06-25 Case Record Filed  
2021-06-25 Petition for Writ of Mandamus filed (Relator)  
2021-06-25 Court reporter/recorder's record


Party Counsel Role
Sorenson, The Honorable Tracy
H&S Hoke Ranch, LLC
Mr. Marshall Bowen
Mr. D. Todd Smith
The Honorable Scott K. Field
Ms. Amanda Garrett Taylor
Mr. Bill Youngkin
Real Party In Interest
Capital Farm Credit, FLCA
Mr. Tommy J Swann
Other Interested Party
Altus Midstream Company
Mr. Derek D. Cook
Mr. Harper Estes
Other Interested Party
Breviloba, LLC
Mr. David E. Keltner
Mr. David Wayne Moorman
Mr. David F. Johnson
Ms. Harriet O'Neill
Mr. Thomas J. Forestier
Mr. Jody Scott Sanders
Mr. Paul Jacob Paschal
Mr. Joseph "Joe" R. Greenhill III
Mr. Andrew L. Edelman

Amici Curiae

Amicus Curiae Counsel
Texas Oil & Gas Association
Mr. Frederick D. Junkin
Ms. Ellen Austin Vecchio
Texas Civil Justice League
Mr. George Scott Christian
Texas Pipeline Association
Mr. James E. Mann