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No. 19-0455
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The Court requested full merits briefing on October 4, 2019. The Court denied review of the petition on December 13, 2019. File Closed

No Opinions

The Court has not issued any opinions in this case.


Court of Appeals

Appellate District:2nd Court of Appeals
Outcome Below:Reverse & Render
COA Docket No.:02-18-00178-CV
Opinion Author:Honorable Bonnie Sudderth

Trial Court

Trial Court:141st District Court
Trial Judge:Honorable John Parrish Chupp
Trial Docket:141-290089-17

Entries on SCOTX Orders Lists

Docket Entries

Date Event Outcome  
2019-12-13 Motion to dismiss disposed   Filing granted
2019-12-13 Petition for Review disposed   Dismissed
2019-12-04 Motion to dismiss  
2019-10-28 Motion for Extension of Time to File Brief filed  
2019-10-28 Motion for Extension of Time disposed.   Filing granted
2019-10-04 Brief on the Merits Requested  
2019-09-18 Reply to Response (Petitioner)  
2019-09-03 Response to Petition (Respondent)  
2019-08-02 Supreme Court of Texas Requested Response  
2019-07-02 Case forwarded to Court
2019-06-26 Pro hac vice motion filed  
2019-06-26 Pro hac vice motion filed  
2019-06-26 Pro hac vice motion disposed   Filing granted
2019-06-26 Pro hac vice motion disposed   Filing granted
2019-05-28 Clerk's Record
2019-05-28 Court reporter/recorder's record
2019-05-28 Petition for Review (Petitioner)  
2019-05-28 Electronic communication sent to Party  


Party Counsel Role
Post Oak Appalachia, LLc
Mr. H. Allen Pennington Jr.
Other Interested Party
O'Connor, Kelly
Mr. Andrew Woodward
Other Interested Party
Michael Fisher, Maegan Fisher and M&M Consulting
Mr. Michael E. Hassett
Other Interested Party
Turn 2 Energy
Mr. Jess N. Turner III
Other Interested Party
Penn Investment Funds, LLC
Mr. Gene A. Hamm II
Other Interested Party
Fox, Austin
Mr. Clay David Peebles
Other Interested Party
EnerQuest Oil & Gas, L.L.C.
Mr. Joseph M. Cox
Ms. Andrea D. Broyles
Mr. Spencer Smith
Antero Resources Corporation
Mr. W. Henry Lawrence
Ms. Caroline C. Stewart
Mr. Phillip B. Dye Jr.
Mr. Jason Michael Powers
Mr. Stephen S. Gilstrap
Mr. Jason Reynolds Grill
Mr. Thomas S. Leatherbury
Braxton Acquisitions, LLC, et al
Mr. Robert William Scott Bauer
Other Interested Party
Braxton Minerals-Appalachia, LLC
Mr. John Ashburn
Other Interested Party