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No. 14-0095
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Oral argument was held on January 13, 2015. The Court issued an opinion resolving the case on May 8, 2015. It then denied rehearing on September 11, 2015 File Closed

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October 5, 2014

One new opinion, one revised opinion, and six grants [Oct. 3, 2014]

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May 8, 2015


Justice Lehrmann delivered the opinion of the Court.View Electronic Briefs | Oral Argument | Video PDF


Court of Appeals

Appellate District:13th Court of Appeals
Outcome Below:Aff/Rev & Rend/Rev & Rem
COA Docket No.:13-12-00398-CV
Opinion Author:Honorable Dori Contreras Garza

Trial Court

Trial Court:94th District Court
Trial Judge:Honorable Robert J. Galvan
Trial Docket:95-463-C

Entries on SCOTX Orders Lists

Docket Entries

Date Event Outcome  
2015-09-11 Motion for Rehearing - Disposed Denied
2015-09-11 Mandate issued  
  This case was waiting for a decision about a pending motion for rehearing between May 26, 2015 and September 11, 2015.  
2015-05-26 Motion for Rehearing  
2015-05-26 Case forwarded to Court
2015-05-08 Opinion issued   Court affirms in part and reverses in part CA judgment and remands to trial court
2015-05-08 Court approved judgment sent to attorneys of record Issued
  This case was awaiting the Court's decision after oral argument between January 13, 2015 and May 8, 2015.  
2015-01-13 Oral argument  
2014-12-23 Oral Argument Submission Form from Attorney received  
2014-12-10 Oral Argument Submission Form from Attorney received  
2014-12-05 Notice of Appearance  
  This case was waiting for oral argument between October 3, 2014 and December 5, 2014.  
2014-10-03 Petition for Review disposed Filing granted
2014-10-03 Petition for Review granted
2014-10-03 Case set for oral argument   Case set for oral argument
  This case was pending on merits briefs between August 7, 2014 and October 3, 2014.  
2014-08-07 Letter Filed  
2014-08-05 Reply Brief (Petitioner)  
2014-08-05 Letter Filed  
2014-07-24 Brief on the Merits (Respondent)  
2014-07-24 Motion for Extension of Time to File Brief filed  
2014-07-24 Motion for Extension of Time disposed.   Filing granted
2014-07-07 Motion for Extension of Time disposed.   Filing granted
2014-07-03 Motion for Extension of Time to File Brief filed  
2014-06-16 Brief on the Merits (Petitioner)  
2014-05-28 Case Record Filed  
2014-05-19 Record Requested in Petition for Review  
2014-05-16 Brief on the Merits Requested  
2014-05-05 Reply to Response (Petitioner)  
2014-04-29 Response to Petition (Respondent)  
2014-04-11 Motion for Extension of Time to File Response disposed   Filing granted
2014-04-10 Motion for Extension of Time to File Response  
2014-03-14 Supreme Court of Texas Requested Response  
2014-02-11 Case forwarded to Court
2014-02-06 Response Waiver filed  
2014-02-03 Petition for Review (Petitioner)  


Party Counsel Role
Ventling, Wayne
Mr. William A. Dudley
Ms. Audrey Mullert Vicknair
Johnson, Patricia
Mr. Bernard Lee Shub
Mr. Thomas H. Crofts Jr.
Ms. Lisa Horvath Shub

When does post-judgment interest start to accrue?

In a quite long-running case, the dispute here is how to determine the start date for post-judgment interest when the original judgment goes up on appeal and is partially changed on remand.

The petition contends that the interest should be computed beginning in 2012. It argues that the original 1998 judgment was not itself final — that it was an interlocutory order not itself appealed to the court of appeals. It also argues that the substantive nature of the remand (involving the introduction of new evidence, some by the plaintiff) warranted treating the 2012 award as the starting point for computing interest.