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No. 17-0308
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The Court denied review of the petition on February 20, 2018. It then denied rehearing on April 6, 2018 File Closed

No Opinions

The Court has not issued any opinions in this case.


Court of Appeals

Appellate District:1st Court of Appeals
Outcome Below:Denied
COA Docket No.:01-16-00731-CV
Opinion Author:Per Curiam

Trial Court

Trial Court:245th District Court
Trial Judge:Honorable Roy L. Moore
Trial Docket:2014-58410

Entries on SCOTX Orders Lists

Docket Entries

Date Event Outcome  
2018-04-06 Motion for Rehearing - Disposed Denied
2018-04-06 Case Stored  
2018-04-06 Miscellaneous motion disposed. See Remarks.   Filing dismissed as moot
2018-03-23 Letter Filed  
2018-03-01 Supplement to Motion for Rehearing (Relator)  
2018-02-27 Case forwarded to Court
2018-02-26 Call received  
2018-02-22 Miscellaneous Motion  
2018-02-21 Motion for Rehearing  
2018-02-20 Petition for Writ of Mandamus disposed Denied
2018-02-20 Motion to Stay Disposed   Denied
  This case was waiting for a decision about briefing or a possible grant between May 24, 2017 and February 20, 2018.  
2017-05-24 Court reporter/recorder's record  
2017-05-08 Motion to Stay Filed  
2017-05-04 Call received  
2017-05-04 Amended Petition for Writ of Mandamus filed (Relator)  
2017-04-21 Affidavit of Inability to Pay Court Costs  
2017-04-21 Notice requesting filing fee  
2017-04-21 Electronic communication sent to Party  
2017-04-20 Case Record Filed  
2017-04-20 Petition for Writ of Mandamus (Relator)  


Party Counsel Role
Davis, Joseph Andre
Mr. Joseph Andre Davis
Lopez, Floyd Daniel
Ms. Misty Annette Hataway
Ms. Kimberley M. Spurlock
Real Party In Interest
Jimenez, Irma Olga
Ms. Misty Annette Hataway
Ms. Kimberley M. Spurlock
Real Party In Interest